Dan Lyons: Head of Apple PR Told Newsweek Not To Hire Me

Most PR pros — especially those in tech PR — know that Apple runs a very tight ship when it comes to marketing and communications.

This weekend’s iPad launch was yet another example, as the company received around the clock, mostly positive media coverage of the hype surrounding the new product.

However, an interesting tidbit from the weekend’s iPad coverage comes from Newsweek tech reporter Dan Lyons, who also pens the “Fake Steve Jobs” blog. Lyons said on CNN’s Reliable Sources, hosted by the Washington Post‘s Howard Kurtz, that the head of Apple PR told Newsweek not to hire him. From the transcript:

KURTZ: I just want to follow up on something you said. Apple executives went to “Newsweek” and said don’t hire this guy, Dan Lyons? We don’t like he writes this fake Steve Jobs — they tried to block you from being hired?

LYONS: Their head of PR told my predecessor, Steven Levy, to pass word to the powers that be at “Newsweek” that Apple wasn’t happy with the idea that they were going to hire me. Yes, that happened. And apple plays this game. I mean, notice who got iPads and who didn’t get iPads. Notice who got access and who didn’t.

And the other interesting thing here when you’re talking about the media and Apple is that, you know, the media — “The New York Times” was on stage with Apple, with Steve Jobs, at the announcement of the iPad, right? “TIME” had to have Stephen Frey, an actor, write about the iPad because their tech editor is running their iPad, their iPad development team.

So, the media in this case has really gotten in bed with Apple. And yes, it does raise questions about, how do you cover something when it’s your own business, in a sense, you’re covering?

Read the full transcript here.

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