U-T San Diego Columnist Opts for Full Disclosure

The title of the article is “Dan McSwain’s Disclosure Page.” And that, it certainly is.

Earlier this month, McSwain (pictured) moved from the paper’s editorial pages to the position of business columnist. Across two compelling and candid Web pages, he details the events that have led him to this latest journalism assignment and the ways in which he intends to honorably comport himself moving forward.

It’s anything but your typical journalist bio. There’s the recent short sale of a home that McSwain completed as well as recollections of a long-ago personal tailspin, something he has previously written about in the pages of U-T San Diego. From this week’s item:

In 1988, my dad sold his company, and I left to start a competing firm with my brother. It was successful. Five years later, I sold my half to focus on consuming bourbon and other drugs. Soon becoming a full-blown alcoholic, I moved quickly from wealthy to broke and homeless. It took me about four years to get sober; it’s been nearly 16 years since my last drink, drug, car wreck or jail term.

Part of the impetus for the April 22 piece is that, as a business columnist, McSwain felt it necessary to itemize his active personal investments and state, for the record, his policy on sources picking up the lunch tab. But how he does it is inspiring, and accomplishes what any journalist bio should – it makes you want to be sure to read what he writes next.

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