Dana Goodyear Talks About Her Recent New Yorker Story

The New Yorker‘s Dana Goodyear just gave a nice interview to San Diego Magazine about her recent piece on Chef Javier Plascencia and Tijuana’s efforts to land on the international foodie map. (The piece is  well worth the read if you missed it).

A choice tidbit:

We are outright fans of Plascencia in San Diego. Do you sense Angelenos clamoring to “claim him,” too? Did you end up rooting for him and the BajaMed movement by the end of your trip/reporting? How could you not root for Plascencia and his fellow Baja chefs! I do think that people in L.A.–and certainly the food-obsessed–are increasingly aware of him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he opened a place here. My sense is that he fields offers all the time.

This one was pretty good too.

It’s rare that we (San Diego region) get attention from the likes of a culture-focused staff writer from The New Yorker. After spending some time passing through, any final thoughts on our fine city at the moment? I love the energy of San Diego–youth, tech, homebrews. And, like anyone passing through, I think you’ve got the most beautiful train station around.

Methinks the lady is being rather kind. San Diego’s Santa Fe Depot is nice enough, but it’s no Union Station. She’s right about the homebrews though.