Daniel Radcliffe Points Out Two Subtle Differences Between London and New York

USA Today theater and music critic Elysa Gardner, like many others recently, had the pleasure of catching up with multi-talented 24-year-old Daniel Radcliffe. He’s set to open his third Broadway play, The Cripple of Inishmaan, Sunday at the Cort Theatre.

Radcliffe tells Gardner he now feels very much at home in NYC and appreciates the subtle differences in social culture:

Radcliffe finds the overall vibe “more positive than in London.” The Brits “like to revel in our grumpiness a bit, and you’re not like that here…”

[And] Though Radcliffe gave up alcohol a few years ago, “I still go to bars. I’ll just meet friends there. There’s a place I love where you can play table tennis. That’s another lovely thing about New York – you can go out without drinking. In England, when you meet up with somebody, it’s usually for a drink. Here you can just have coffee, and it’s not weird.”

Here here! FishbowlNY wishes Radcliffe the customary broken leg this weekend as well as, beyond his eight-shows-a-week run schedule, many more moments of non-drinking merriment with less grumpy, stateside pals.

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