New York Times Reporter Details His Prison Break Beat

Jesse McKinley's car is now as messy as his Albany desk.

Albany-based New York Times reporter Jesse McKinley was not familiar with the prison located some 170 miles north in Dannemora prior to June 6. But a week and a half later, he has gained a tremendous amount of ground-level knowledge of the area near the Canadian border.

From McKinley’s NYT “Reporter’s Notebook:”

With the search area fluid and expanding and prone to rumor — “They’re in Willsboro!,” “They’re in Philadelphia!,” “They’re right behind you!” — an ability to pivot fast and change direction has also been key. I’ve kept Google Maps and MapQuest up and running on my laptop in the passenger seat just in case there is a solid sighting or a capture, neither of which has been in the offing yet…

My car has been the office, the passenger seat my desk. And like my desk in Albany, it is an embarrassing mess, an unruly salvage yard of used coffee cups and diet soda bottles, notepads and napkins, copies of the competition’s work and cords of various lengths and uses.

On the most recent Real Time With Bill Maher, comedian Jeff Ross joked that the two escaped inmates had to wait a long time at that manhole for an Uber to pick them up. Read the rest of McKinley’s musings here.

P.S. The latest, strangest bit of news related to the escaped inmates comes from Apparently, Richard Matt is quite the painter of celebrity portraits. He also did one of Hillary Clinton.

Editor’s Note: The original headline and text of this item got McKinley’s gender wrong. Our sincerest apologies to Mr. McKinley.

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