Danny Seo Magazine Contract Stipulates: He Will Not Be on the Cover

DannySeoPicGreen movement champion (a.k.a. “environmental lifestyle expert”) Danny Seo is our new, newsstand hero.

Per a report by Keith J. Kelly, Seo has a new magazine in the works, with the initial issue set for July. But unlike the Martha Stewart’s and Oprah Winfrey’s of this niche world, his monthly publication comes with a newsstand-environment-friendly caveat:

“I contractually said I will not be on the cover,” Seo told Media Ink. Seo expects to do split covers on the first issue. One will likely feature a still-life shot of a dairy-free “vegan ice cream,” the other will likely feature actress Ali Larter, the former Heroes star who is cast in a new TNT drama, Legends.

Love it; love it; LOVE it. Much more info about this new venture in Kelly’s item. By the way, the name of the forthcoming publication isn’t quite as anti-selfie: Naturally, Danny Seo.

P.S. We could have written a bunch about the fact that this burgeoning media mogul’s last name aligns perfectly with Search Engine Optimization. But that will have to wait for, perhaps, another item.

Image courtesy: dannyseo.com

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