A Caffe Dante Discovery Worthy of Martin Scorsese

The new version, Dante, is celebrating its one-year anniversary this month.

It’s been a year now since Greenwich Village’s historic Caffe Dante re-opened as, simply, Dante. While some New Yorkers were less than thrilled with the revamp by a quartet of Australian owners, overall the transformation has been a success.

For a piece in the upcoming Food and Wine issue of the Australian Financial Review’s insert magazine, U.S.-based reporter John Kehoe shares a couple of intriguing details. Filmmaker Baz Luhrmann and his wife Catherine Martin, who live across the street from Dante, like to have Friday dinners catered by the restaurant when they are in town. And when it came time at the 100-year Caffe Dante mark to spiff things up, there was this:

During the renovations, an old gold Rolex watch and three packets of bullets were discovered in a hole in a wall.

Right out of a Scorsese movie. E.g.: What time is it? Time for a main character to head down to the neighborhood joint and get what he needs to do away with a pesky rival.

Also per Kehoe, previous Dante owner Mario Flotta still drops by every day for coffee.

Photo via: dante-nyc.com

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