‚ÄėDark Application: ONE‚Äô is Today‚Äôs Free eBook

Today’s free eBook title is Dark Application: ONE, from author Brian Krogstad and Lindsey Watermen. The story is a suspenseful technothriller that is driven by mobile technology and social media:

At the center of this new technothriller is Luke Jeffers, a regular guy about to become extraordinary.A college student in Virginia, he finds himself caught up in a technological conspiracy beyond his understanding.

Almost overnight, he transforms from starving student to an unwitting pawn in a web of murder, lies, and conspiracy when he discovers the Department of Defense Application for Remote Kinetics, a simple application accidentally downloaded onto his smart phone and almost immediately in control of his life.  

In a style reminiscent of the best¬†technothrillers of the last three decades,¬†Dark Application: ONE¬†is filled with dark¬†conspiracy, cyperpunk¬†overtones, and above all a mystery at its core critical to Luke’s escape from the cycle of destruction.

Dark Application: ONE currently has 50 reviews with an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It’s available as a free download until¬†Sunday 12/29/13, along with the following free titles:

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People on Planes: A Collection of Short Stories From Above

The Progression Switch

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