Data Indicate Decline in The Daily’s Audience

Because specific stats on The Daily’s readership aren’t easy to come by, Nieman Journalism Lab has taken a look at Twitter sharing to try and gauge the app’s audience, and the results aren’t good.

According to the data, the number of tweets generated from within The Daily started out strong, then plateaued, and since it began charging, has steadily declined. As with all stats, these can be deciviing, as indicated in the article:

We’re measuring the number of tweets generated from within The Daily. We’re not directly measuring the number of readers of The Daily. Only a small fraction of readers are going to choose to tweet something they see in the app. The idea here is that that the number of tweets should generally go up when the number of readers go up — and vice versa.

FishbowlNY agrees with this sentiment. The Daily is appealing to the tech-savvy person, it makes sense that those people would also be inclined to share things on Twitter.

This study is just the latest in the long line of Daily bashing, but it’s still early, things can turn around. The Daily just needs to really buckle down and see what it can do to keep people coming back. We suggest putting on “Eye of The Tiger” in the editorial room. That works with us.

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