Data Points: Media Rich

Media usage differs significantly across generations of affluent Americans

Traditional media may have a little life left in it yet, despite anything you may have heard online.

Wealthy Americans, even tweet-happy millennials, remain heavily engaged with old school media and advertising. In a new survey of affluent U.S. consumers (those with annual incomes of $100,000 or more), Ipsos Mendelsohn finds that half of the richest Americans actually own the newer technologies—tablet computers, smartphones, and flat-screen TVs.

One telling sign of their technological engagement? Although only 4 percent of affluents overall still use Myspace at least once in awhile, that's still twice as many as the 2 percent who've used a tablet computer to watch a movie. 

Still, no matter where they're aiming their eyeballs, wealthier folks get exposed to plenty of advertising nonetheless. Rich people: They’re just like us.

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