Dateline’s Josh Mankiewicz Details the Three Main Motives for Murder

Longtime former KTTV weatherman Mark Thompson, most recently a regular guest and guest host on KFI AM 640’s Tim Conway Jr. show, has a new podcast. And if the second episode of “The Edge” featuring Dateline‘s Josh Mankiewicz is any indication, this conversation series is a keeper.

Thompson and co-host Heather Ankeny welcomed Mankiewicz to  the program’s “new outdoor studio overlooking Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean.” The veteran NBC TV crime reporter touches on many intriguing topics including Princess Diana, the trial of Jodi Arias and something he was once told by an LAPD homicide-robbery division vet:

The detective said to me, ‘You can classify almost all murders under three motives: money; love; pride.’ And the truth is, that does take care of, or explain, a huge number of murders. ‘I wanted his drugs, I wanted to sell them’ – money; ‘I didn’t want to be married to my wife anymore’ – and sometimes love is the absence of love, or it’s the desire to live with another person…

And sometimes, a story I covered recently was a guy who committed a murder up in Washington state, a murder of a man he did not even know. But that man reminded him of someone the killer had known in his childhood… He just believed that this guy was an abuser and took it upon himself to kill a guy who to him, represented a fight that he had never been able to fight in the past. Pride.

Mankiewicz also shares a funny story about his experiences with New York voice coach Lillian Wilder, hired when he was with ABC to help massage his voice. The Mankiewicz interview is the second episode of “The Edge;” the first show featured an equally informative convo with veteran TV comedy writer Sam Simon.

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