Dave Barry on Writing for the Oscars and His Vasectomy

Pulitzer winning humorist Dave Barry was one of the most widely read writers in the country when he retired his 500-paper-syndicated column five years ago.

What’s he been up to since?

The Daily Beast’s Bryan Curtis caught up with an eerily baby-faced Barry, and found out that aside from getting a vasectomy, Barry helped co-write the Oscars this year at the behest of this friend Steve Martin. He also blogs regularly and has what Curtis refers to as “a respectable 4,300 followers” on Twitter.

Curtis found out Barry also isn’t happy about his “classic” columns being recirculated next to Peanuts. “I never wrote a column to be read years later,” Barry said, “and I certainly didn’t write them to be called ‘classic.’Which just means old.”

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