Day After Bobby Vee Scoop, Gannett Staffer Gets the Hook

Dave DeLand is one of 12 editorial and advertising employees dismissed from the Minnesota daily.

On Monday, St. Cloud Times Metro columnist Dave DeLand broke the news of singer Bobby Vee’s passing due to complications from Alzheimer’s. On Tuesday, he was laid off from the Minnesota newspaper after 33 years of service as part the latest round of cuts at Gannett publications.

What irks Minnesota Public Radio blogger Bob Collins most about the announcement of the St. Cloud Times cuts is that neither DeLand or any of the other 11 editorial and advertising employees let go are mentioned by name. Their dismissal is given a cursory two sentences at the very bottom. From Collins’ post:

These reporters covered the Wetterling case and never let it go, they blanketed the knife attack on people at a shopping mall in September, the murder of Cold Spring police officer Tom Decker, the effect of the changing demographics of the region (for which they received Story of the Year from the Society of Professional Journalists), and thousands of other stories that can’t be covered by watching Twitter. They covered the prep results and the candidate forums in the belief–antiquated by today’s standards–that an informed community is a healthier one. A closer one.

Collins points to an October 2015 article by DeLand as one of the best newspaper articles he’s ever read. The sad irony being that it was aggregated across the world without financial benefit to the paper the author now no longer works for.

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