Dave Weigel, Please

“There’s a subtle difference between private emails that get leaked out of context and material that’s written for everyone to read.” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel to Adweek in the context of why he wrote that Wonkette‘s references to Trig Palin were “gross.”

Memo to Weigel: 1) After all this time we would think that you of all people would get it. Please stop professing that WaPo‘s Ezra Klein’s 400-member email list was private. Also, please stop suggesting there is anything “subtle” between what you wrote for WaPo and what you thought and shared with your listserv friends. That wasn’t subtle at all. You were a WaPo journalist covering conservatives who was writing one thing by day and professing your “real” thoughts about those you covered to a special list of people protected by nothing. The fact is, there was nothing private about that list. This was made clear by the JournoListers who felt that those outside the so-called club needed to know what was being written. 2) Your quotes were not taken out of context and it was easily discernible what you meant, whom you were discussing or, better said, insulting. 3) On the afternoon that FishbowlDC first broke some of your emails from the JournoList listserv, you told me you would give me a comment and to wait five minutes while you finished up a phone call. Well, you lied and you know it. You were busy writing your apology note and using the very quotes I sent you to confirm to lay out your apology. In the meantime, you blew off my request for comment and attempted to post your apology to preempt any post. Fortunately this failed. 4) Please, once and for all, spare us your “out of context” claims. Spare everyone your role of victim. And spare us your heartfelt defense of Trig Palin. It’s rather easy to defend a child with Down’s Syndrome. It’s much harder, apparently for you, to mean the apologies you made to readers, since here we are nearly a year later listening to your excuses. 

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