David’s Dad Runs Out Of New Ideas

In the last year over 57 million people have watched 7-year old David, woozy from his trip to the dentist, in the YouTube hit David After Dentist. David has been featured on the news around the globe, made it onto numerous talk shows and was even featured in a Super Bowl commercial. Yesterday, David’s dad uploaded a new video, David After Dentist 2, in hopes of bringing new momentum to the David After Dentist phenomenon. However, the video hardly hits the mark.

David After Dentist 2 is a compilation of never before seen footage of David’s trip to the dentist. It includes footage from before the dentist, as well as footage from after the dentist that wasn’t included in the original video. In truth, it seems there was a good reason that this footage didn’t make the cut the first time around. The new video, which only has about 310 views so far, doesn’t show anything new or particularly interesting and is honestly a let down after the hilarity and shock of the original clip. Rather than being funny, this new clip shows a child that is unhappy and uncomfortable, drugged in the back seat of a car.

According to Mashable, David’s dad, David DeVore, put out a statement saying, “People ask for more videos on a daily basis, but we have been careful because we are aware that it would be difficult for anything else to approach the success of ‘David After Dentist.’ However, now seems like the right time to release the uncut, unedited extra footage we have.”

DeVore was absolutely right in his assumption that it would be difficult for anything to approach the success of the original video. It’s surprising that he released this new footage, understanding that it was likely to let down audiences.

DeVore has done so well in the past, monetizing on the success of David After Dentist and making a name for himself and his family. What do you think his rationale was behind posting this new video? Do you think he thought people would enjoy the new clip or is he simply running out of ideas?

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