‘David After Dentist’ Nets Parents Over 100 Grand: A Viral Success Story?

This viral video, which you have no doubt seen and are sick of, has earned this kid’s parent over $100,000, the Washington Post reported today.

Is this a new media success story or a fluke?

The Post’s Monica Hesse reports:

Some YouTubers painstakingly craft thousands of “funny” videos, hours of footage designed to launch their Internet stardom. These people would hate DeVore. He tripped over fame with the first video he posted.

The back story: [David] DeVore [father of David Jr.,] had bought a new camcorder around the same time that David had a dental appointment. His wife, Tessie, couldn’t get out of a meeting, so DeVore made a post-surgical film to show her that everything was fine. He shared it on Facebook and then, several months later, learned of a site called YouTube and posted it there, too.

CNN called. The “Today” show called. Hordes of Web surfers called it the best video ever made and watched it more times than any other YouTube video in 2009…

Okay, so he tripped over fame, that’s true. But once DeVore the elder realized that his video was something big, he figured out how to turn a viral video into actual money.
DavidAfterDentist.com features the original video, parodies, and links to merch (stickers and T-shirts). Those plus David’s appearance in a Superbowl commercial for Vizio have netted the family enough money to pay for David’s college education.

Tell him to become a dentist. Not only will that guarantee him a solid career (unlike, say, journalism), the irony would be beautiful.

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