David Corn Pleads for Money

In an email with the subject line “please help,” this morning Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief and MSNBC Contributor David Corn, who couldn’t bear to stay in the apparent shithole Days Inn in Tampa during the Republican National Convention, is asking readers for money. Even $5 or $10 will do. The goal: $90,000 this month to “fund critical upcoming reporting.”

Their funding comes not from advertisers or corporate sponsors with an agenda, he says, but from garden variety donors like you. He explains in a letter to readers…

“I’m Mother Jones‘ Washington bureau chief—and let me cut to the chase: I can’t do my job without you.

I direct a team of reporters who produce kick-ass, independent journalism. We break news 24/7 and shape the national discourse by exposing what really goes on in Washington and in politics. (Remember our ’47 percent’ video of Mitt Romney?) And one key to our success is you.

Much of our funding comes from donations—not advertisers or corporate sponsors with their own agendas. Contributions from readers like you keep us fiercely independent, allowing us to pursue stories others in the media ignore or are reluctant to report.”

While he mentions the Mitt Romney 47 percent video, which Mother Jones broke during last year’s presidential election, he doesn’t mention today’s break of a secret tape of Sen. Mitch McConnell‘s (R-Ky.) exposing campaign brainstorming details of a potential race against actress Ashley Judd. She recently dropped out of the race.

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