David Gergen is not Dead

National Review Online‘s Jonah Goldberg was apparently being witty this morning when he presumed that CNN’s David Gergen was six feet under. “The news is so confusing. If only David Gergen was still alive to explain it all,” Goldberg said on Twitter early this morning.

Good thing Gergen, a professor at Harvard Kennedy School, was already awake and kicking. “I am alive and well. Thank you!” Gergen replied.

Jonah? “Huzzah!” he replied back.

The exchange caused a brief flurry of tweets to Gergen making sure nothing tragic had happened. Goldberg has made it a practice to occasionally tweak Gergen, a former presidential advisor who served in four administrations. He’s Editor-at-large for U.S. News & World Report and a Senior Political Analyst for CNN. “I’ve been making fun of Gergen for a while on Twitter,” Goldberg told FishbowlDC this morning. “He’s a nice and honorable guy. I actually worked with him on a PBS series once when I was a whippersnapper. He’s just such a fixture of conventional wisdom.”

In short, Goldberg stressed, he was just joking around.

But there’s more. Goldberg’s feelings for Gergen run cold. He can easily envision Gergen on the cover of Boring White Men Monthly

In fact, there’s much about him Goldberg can’t stand. “I used to always joke ‘If only Warren Christopher was alive….’ whenever there was a big international crisis. But then Christopher passed away and the joke went from being ironic to pointless.” So, since I can’t stand Gergen’s ability to latch onto the most cliched conventional wisdom I thought I would update it.”

Goldberg explained he didn’t wake up this morning with a plot. “Not a lot of thought went into it, I was walking my dog and listening to NPR at the time. Honestly, I’m a bit flummoxed why you care,” he said in an interview. “Who would have ever guessed that a joke about David Gergen — an easy candidate for the cover of Boring White Men Monthly — would be ‘too hot for twitter’?”

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