David Gregory’s Innocent Father’s Day Question Elicits Love, Hate and Typos

A little Father’s Day loving can go in wayward directions. On Sunday, NBC “Meet the Press” host David Gregory solicited stories on Twitter about viewers’ fathers and what they taught them. A lovely, innocuous post to celebrate the day. But this is online, where things often take twisted turns.

We begin with Gregory’s innocent question.


A variety of responses rolled in. Including one from NBC weatherman Al Roker, whose response is so riddled with awkwardness and typos that we wondered, was it intentional?

Clichés were also a big hit.

“@davidgregory Dont be afraid to try things and fail. It is better to have tried and failed than to look back and ask “What if?” #MTPDADS” — wrote Lou Dubois, who works in NBC’s digital department.

AP radio newsman Jon Belmont also wanted in on the touching display of fatherly wisdom.

“@davidgregory My dad taught me to succeed by always doing a little more than is expected of you. My kids already have learned that. #MTPDADS,” wrote Belmont.

Some trolls showed up to say hello.

“@davidgregory #MTP I notice how you left James Rosen of Fox News out of the equation? #hack,” snapped Toni Smith, whose bio reads “Bible in one hand, glock in the other. What’s she talking about, the Father’s Day equation? Seconded Brad Cooney, “Gregory is just another sheep in the flock of blind Obama loyalists.”

Milo9 came to Gregory’s rescue. Unfortunately it didn’t likely earn him that shout-out on “Meet the Press.” He defended Gregory, saying to detractors, “You’re so deep in Right Wing Fantasyland that you can’t tell Gregory is well right of center.”

Graphic by Austin Price.


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