Ousted Executive Files Suit Against High Times Magazine

David Kohl was hired with great fanfare in the fall of 2015.

At one end of the country, it’s all good. High Times magazine this month opened an office in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles, riding the momentum of UTA representation and a partnership with marketing firm Green St.

Here on the east coast, not so good. Per a report by the New York Post’s Kathianne Boniello, the man brought in to guide the publication to new heights has filed a wrongful dismissal lawsuit. David Kohl, formerly president and CEO of parent company Trans-High Corporation, is seeking $6 million in damages after being bounced in March. He alleges that he was deprived of a contractual severance:

It wasn’t until Kohl’s lawyer sent a letter two weeks after the termination demanding that the remaining three years of the contract be paid as agreed that High Times bothered to “attempt to manufacture” a reason for the firing, he charges.

Kohl was brought in to help the cannabis cornerstone broaden and diversify its operations and to raise “additional capital” as the legalization of weed spread nationally.

As a hint perhaps of just how acrimonious this has turned out to be, there is no mention of Kohl’s time with Trans-High on his LinkedIn page. His impressive resume encompasses such media heavyweights as Viacom, Nokia, Vevo and Universal Music Group.

H/T: Daily Mail; November 2016 cover via: hightimes.com

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