David Remnick Cheers for Obama

It’s no secret that David Remnick, the editor-in-chief of The New Yorker, is a big Barack Obama fan, but it’s still fun to hear what he has to say about our commander in chief. Capital New York reports that Remnick and a panel of authors were discussing Obama’s tenure and Remnick had plenty to say.

The editor said that Obama’s achievements have been “remarkable,” defended the “fist-bump” New Yorker cover of Obama and his wife, and offered a realistic portrait of the president:

“Barack Obama is radical in one way: he’s an African American who won the presidency. After that, he’s kind of a center-left, conventional Democratic Party rendering. I mean, he’s intellectually a lot more than that, he’s a lot more interesting.”

“He’s certainly a lot more literary. There’s more dimensions to him as a personality both historically and personally. But, in terms of policy, in terms of the policy of the possible, in terms of the policy of his own ambitions, he is no radical.”

Aside from praising Obama, Remnick opened up about his feelings toward Mitt Romney when someone asked about him. “In my life, I’ve never seen a vessel so empty of precisely what you’re asking about, which is principle,” said Remnick.

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