David Remnick’s Obama Bio Out Today

David Remnick’s biography of President Obama, The Bridge, is out today. Knopf thankfully decided to publish the book in simultaneous print and eBook editions. The Kindle edition costs a hefty $14.55. The eBook is not currently available in Apple’s iBookstore.

Here’s a bit of what Michiko Kakutani says about the book in her NY Times review: “Writing with emotional precision and a sure knowledge of politics, Mr. Remnick situates Mr. Obama’s career firmly within a historical context. He puts Mr. Obama’s life and political philosophy in perspective with the civil rights movement that shaped his imagination, as well as the power politics of Chicago, and the politics of race as it has been played out, often nastily, on the state and national stages.”

[Editor’s Note: This post was not about the Apple iPad. In fact, it didn’t even mention the iPad once. Shoot. Now it did.]