David Roberts’ Egypt Now Available in iBooks

Sideways is one of the quieter and more innovative app developers, and it just released a new eBook in the iBookstore.

David Roberts’ Egypt is based on the work of a 19th century Scottish painter who traveled Egypt and the Middle East during 1838-1840. Sideways  scanned lithographs made by Roberts and organized them as a narrative journey down the Nile. This eBook has 80 minutes of professional narration intercut with excerpts of David Roberts’
journals and high resolution images so that a reader can page through the eBook or view Roberts’ artistry in detail while listening to his journals.

It’s on sale in iBooks for $12.99.

I’m still downloading a copy (159MB), but I can say that I’m intrigued. I’ve been watching Sideways for a while now and this company keeps coming up with interesting new features that you can integrate into apps. I’m really curious to see what Sideways managed to do with an ePub in iBooks.

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