David Stark’s All-Paper Pop-Up Shop

Maybe it’s our thawing out now that summer’s here or we’re just mellowing with age (though that would mean uncomfortably rapidly), but it was a nice thing, starting off yesterday on a positive note. So why not do it again? We turn to our pal and brilliant event designer David Stark, whose new book, aptly titled David Stark Design just came out. To help celebrate its launch, he recently talked the Broadway and 62nd Street West Elm into letting him take over a portion of their store to build a pop-up shop/installation (might have helped that he handled the store’s launch back in March). The pop-up looked a bit like a traditional flower shop, until you took a closer look, seeing that almost every item in the store was made out of paper. “Everything from the flowers and plants, to the gardening tools were created out of paper and made by us. Even the walls and awning of the store were paper.” If you weren’t fortunate enough to catch it, Stark has put up loads of photos on his blog, as well as this video, showing just a bit of the insane amount of work this took to pull off:

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