Teenage Daughter Kept PGA President in the Breaking News Loop

A Smartphone will beat a cable news channel, every time.

Here’s a fun, residual detail in the wake of the re-capture of David Sweat, the Clinton Correctional Facility inmate on the run over the weekend near the Canadian border.

DerekSpraguePGASweat’s presence in the small town of Malone, N.Y. thoroughly upended the flow of life there. At one point, there were reportedly some 1,500 law enforcement officials in the area. Derek Sprague, president of the Professional Golfers Association (pictured), hails from Malone and still lives in the area. As he told PGA.com, on Sunday his teenage daughter Alexandra was his go-to breaking news source:

Sprague was driving to the Cricket Club with his wife, Jennifer, when his daughter called a second time.

“My daughter – she’s a little newshound, maybe she’ll be a reporter some day – she has a scanner App on her cell phone,” Sprague explained. “She said, ‘Shots were just reported as being fired, no officers are down and about 12 state police cars are going flying by our house right now – sirens blaring.’ I said, ‘Keep us updated.’ Within minutes, we heard before it was ever reported on the news that he had been shot and taken into custody. This was about four miles from our house, probably.”

Sprague took over as president of the PGA last fall after his predecessor made some unfortunate comments via social media.

[Photo courtesy: pga.com]

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