A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Marketer [INFOGRAPHIC]

There’s really no typical “day in the life” for a social media marketer.

But Razor Social takes a great stab at mapping one out, starting with maximizing the commute to work by sketching out ideas and catching up on podcasts; and ending with checking on Google Analytics and Pinterest metrics.

Twitter fits in at noon and 4 p.m., when HootSuite, Sprout Social or Nimble are recommended to check in on Twitter mentions and interact with followers, and Buffer is recommended for sharing new content.

Personally, I’m on Twitter first thing in the morning and the last thing at night in addition to the slices of time I’m able to check in throughout the day. I like having those two solid bookends to the day.

If you work in social media, is this close to what your average day looks like?

Want more details on any of the tools mentioned in the infographic? Check out Razor Social.

(Source: Razor Social. Workspace image via Shutterstock.)