DC Magazine Celebrates ‘Vintage Cocktails’ , the Assoulines Attend

Lani Hay, President & CEO of Lanmark Technology, hosted a private reception and dinner for “world renowned” mixologist and author Brian Van Flandern, Thursday evening, at her Washington home in Washington, DC from 6:30 – 8:30pm.

Sounds like it was a very distinguished event. The DC Magazine event featured attendance by the fantastically named Prosper & Martine Assouline to celebrate the release of Vintage Cocktails published by ASSOULINE.

Who are the Assoulines you ask? They are the founders of ASSOULINE Publishing (really, ‘ass’ in the surname?).

Details are as follows:

WHO: Hay, Van Flandern, the Assoulines, Karen Sommer Shalett, Editor-in-Chief DC Magazine, George Stone, Features Editor DC Magazine

WHAT: Private reception & dinner hosted by Hay to celebrate Van Flandern’s book published by ASSOULINE.

By the way, we really hope guests didn’t make asses out of themselves at the party.
(The Assoulines would not have appreciated it.)

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