Did DC Police ‘Bully’ WUSA 9 Crew?

WUSA 9 reporter Delia Gonçalves said on Twitter this morning that she and her crew outside Metro PD headquarters had a tussle with an off duty police officer who wanted their parking space because it was closer, more convenient for him.

“A bully #DC cop tried to get us to move from our pkg spot outside hdqtrs. His ‘language’ offensive & unprofessional @wusa9 @DCPoliceDept,” she said.

Some didn’t take too kindly to her tweet.

We don’t even know what that means. His world is one where he thinks he gets whatever parking space he wants just by virtue of a position of power and authority? Okay, wait. Maybe we do get that one. But then…

What we gather here is that this officer was probably on his way to doing his job and not actually doing it yet, if such nuance matters to @Feddy1311. Gonçalves, though, sets the record straight:

Gonçalves did tweet her displeasure to @DCPoliceDept, but that feed rarely if ever responds publicly. We did put in a request to Metro PD to see what they know about the incident, and will update if we hear back. We also contacted Gonçalves directly but so far she hasn’t responded.

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