Deadspin Spun Out of Control, Gets Suspended by Twitter

It seems the NFL Commish still has a little spunk.

If you fancy yourself a sports fan, you are no doubt familiar with the blog Deadspin. Let’s say TMZ Sports considers this site competition.

For a site known for its reporting whims of snark, bite and the sundry amount of dogpiling, content has to stand apart and “cut through the clutter.” Unfortunately, it recently pissed off some moderately known organizations, and they allegedly petitioned Twitter to suspend Deadspin’s account.

By the way, those relatively obscure sporting organizations are the NFL, NCAA and UFC.


What happened to get high-powered sports attorneys to notice? Deadspin is known for capturing your attention with inventive Vines and GIFs of athletes. Unfortunately, the aforementioned big guns are claiming copyright infringement.

According to The Verge, the NFL was behind the Twitter takedown.

The response on Twitter was immediate, with some speculating that the Deadspin suspension could be related to the sharing of a deleted tweet from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, with others pointed the figure at the MLB. Twitter has not responded to requests for comment.

But Deadspin owner Gawker Media’s social media strategist, Terron Moore, confirmed to journalists on Twitter that it was in fact the NFL, which sent a dozen and a half takedown notices over the course of 45 minutes related to GIFs.

Of course, the NFL denies calling Twitter, as seen by this from a Politico reporter:

Deadspin is directing its readers to join them on Facebook while they sort things out. Good luck with all that.

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