Dean Baquet: ‘Lie Is Not a Word Newspapers Use Comfortably’

New York Times executive editor chats with NPR.

The third paragraph of a recent New York Times article about Donald Trump’s wavering public and private statements regarding a tax-cut plan for small businesses reads:

Call it the trillion-dollar lie: Both assertions cannot be true.

Today on NPR’s Morning Edition, the paper’s executive editor Dean Baquet discussed the paper’s recent decision to use that L-word terminology. In very short order, Minnesota Public Radio’s Bob Collins, on his NewsCut blog, was breaking down the conversation:

That was a fascinating segment on NPR’s Morning Edition today when an NPR host, who works for an organization that steadfastly refuses to say that Donald Trump lies, quizzed the boss of the country’s most influential newspaper, who works for an organization that has no such qualms.

“It would almost be illiterate to have not called the birther thing a lie,” Baquet told NPR’s Steve Inskeep.
Read between the lines on that one. That’s Baquet likely calling NPR “illiterate.”

Baquet had some equally interesting comments when Inskeep asked him if Hillary Clinton lies.

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