Debate Banter

Debate chatter turned downright adorable last night. Take this pivotal moment when TPM‘s Brian Beutler (D-Boybander) tweeted a faux question mocking CNN moderator John King’s either-or queries during last night’s GOP debate. “Liberty or diapers?” Beutler asked.

But NJ‘s Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier had a better question: “Buetler or Weigel?” B-e-u-t-l-e-r shot back, “Who is that first guy?” The second guy is Slate‘s Dave Weigel, who is Beutler’s roommate. Fournier caught Beutler’s drift about his spelling goof. He conceded, “Unforgivable mistake.”

One of our avid readers, D.C. attorney Donald Edmond, fired back at them all with his either-or question: “Boy Banders or Juice Boxers?”

We’ll answer with a song. But let’s just say the decision is really “terrin up my heart.”