Defective by Design now Targeting the B&N Nook

The anti-DRM activist group Defective by Design have set their eyes on a new target: the Barnes & Noble Nook.


Things have changed and now the Nook represents a real threat to users because of its invasive DRM, close relationship with DRM champions Adobe, and because of its use of the Android operating system — which might lead many to think the Nook is not defective by design.

This group  has a goal of raising public awareness of the horrors of DRM, with the eventual goal of geting major content companies to stop using it.

If I were B&N, I wouldn’t be worried. DbyD is not a well-led, organized, or terribly effective organization. You could take their current actions as an example. The Nook has been on the market since fall 2009, but it was only just now that  Defective by Design decided to oppose it. Twenty-two months is a long lead time for organizing a response. In the tech world that is effectively an eternity.

While I agree with its goals,  I do not agree with its methods. Defective by Design does not appear to have accomplished anything in the time since I learned of it. The only affect it seems to have had is to radicalize a small minority of tech users. it has not gotten any company to give up DRM much less open up a platform.


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