Defense Contractor Getting $20 Million To Build A Wiki

The current U.S. administration might be Internet-savvy, but it’s not clear if certain branches of the military are yet. To wit, the United States Air Force is building a cyberwar control center, for which defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton received over $14 million, followed by a second contract of $20M for what might amount to setting up a wiki and a few other “collaboration” features for telecommunications researchers.

Washington Technology says in a post that the second contract of $19.8M is to “help foster collaboration among telecommunications researchers, University of Maryland faculty members and other academic institutions to improve secure networking and telecommunications and boost information assurance.” This is based on a statement DOD (Dept of Defense) officials gave on Apr 12th.

While there’s no mention of a “wiki” in the Washington Tech post, Wired Magazine’s Threat Level blog interprets the contract as amounting to setting up “a mailing list and a wiki.” Threat Level also points out in an earlier article the connection between Booz Allen and the government. Namely, that the current vice president there is the former cyber-fear-mongering director of national intelligence for President George W. Bush’s administration.

Kind of makes you wish for those legendary $600 hammers some branch of military once ordered, years ago. Of course, when you’re talking cyber-defense, it’s not like you can go with open source software.

Image via Flickr.

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