Degreed Preps to Launch Personalized Learning App on iOS

The app combines content from a variety of "learning sources" into a personalized feed, based on each user's interests.

Learning technology company Degreed is preparing to launch its first native mobile application, which will combine content from a variety of “learning sources” into a personalized feed, based on each user’s interests. This content includes web articles, podcasts and YouTube videos, which are organized by topic.

Degreed Screenshots

With Degreed, users will begin by selecting the topics they’re interested in learning more about. The app will include topics such as marketing, finance and web development. From there, users will be presented with a daily feed of articles and other content related to their chosen topics. Users will be able to read full articles or watch videos without leaving the app, and they’ll also be able to save content for later.

As users engage with items on their lists, they be able to mark them as “complete.” Completed items will be added to their profiles, where they can be viewed again later on. While the app will allow users to read their new content each day, they’ll need to visit Degreed’s website to view their completed items, as well as their own user profiles. The website also includes social features, allowing users to follow others with similar interests.

In a statement, David Blake, founder and CEO of Degreed, commented:

The Degreed app is a true way to take advantage of people’s learning habits. The app is a representation of growth in the ed-tech market and how methods of “informal learning” are gaining momentum and need to be properly organized and accounted for in the grand scheme of each individual’s skill set and knowledge.

Degreed will officially launch on iOS this Wednesday.

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