Dell Android Strategy: Anywhere But the U.S. – China. UK. Perhaps Brazil Next?

Dell seems to have an interesting, if not truly odd and difficult to understand, marketing strategy for its new ultramobile devices. This U.S. based company released its first Android powered phone, the Dell Mini 3, in China. It still has not made its way to U.S. shores. Now, their somewhat highly anticipated (by tech geeks) Android powered tablet will make its first appearance in the UK.

Dell Streak: The versatile 5-inch Android tablet (from the Official Direct2Dell blog)

The blog item does not even hint at a U.S. release date. So, where will the Dell Streak 7 be released first? Not the U.S. based on Dell’s previous two Android devices. My guess is another important non-U.S. market area: Brazil.

By the way, if the Dell Streak 5 with its 5-inch display is a tablet, then is my Droid with its 4-inch display a tablet too?

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