Dell Got the Message: Latitude 2110 Netbook Not Just for Kids

I had a chance to briefly try the tough-enough-for-kids semi-hardened Dell Latitude 2100 netbook with a touch screen, handle and rubberized coating some months ago. Quite honestly, I wish all netbook and notebook computers had a handle. Although the touch screen display seemed a bit washed out to me under normal indoor lighting, I was impressed by the overall design of the 2100 and wondered why it was aimed mainly at the K-12 market. It seemed like a product anyone of any age could appreciate. Apparently, I was not the only one who help that opinion. And, Dell responded to that sentiment with this hardware refresh:

The Latitude 2110 netbook is not just for child’s play

The 2110 features a 1366×768 pixel HD resolution display. Oddly, a webcam is optional although an integrated microphone is a standard feature. Other options include integrated 3G or WiMAX radios and Solid State Drives up to 64GB.