Dell Proximty Printing Simplifies Using Networked Printers in an Enterprise

If you have ever worked in a environment where multiple networked printers are available (office, school, etc.), you are familiar with the problem of trying to figure out what the names of the various printers around you are and then deciding which one to send your print job to for printing.

Dell announced an interesting product that will be available starting June 8:

Dell Proximity Printing, 5350dn frees mobile warriors from their desks

It will be available as a free download. It provides an office map layout and lets you select the printer you use from this map. Dell claims that you will not have to know anythign about printer queue names or printer drivers.

Of course, it is unlikely this happens by magic. A system administrator probably has to jump in to install and configure this printing magic. And, I wouldn’t be too surprised if it only works with select Dell printers.