Dell Streak 7 Now Shipping

Dell has updated its website with a new price for its 7″ Android tablet.

The Streak 7 is running Android v2.2 (Froyo) on a tegra 2 dual core CPU, and it has a capacitive touchscreen, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, 16GB Flash storage, a SD card slot, and a pair of cameras (1.3MP and 5MP).

You can now buy the Streak 7 from Dell for $399 (Wifi), and the 4G model is $449 ($199 with contract). Given the high price, it’s a little odd that the Streak 7 lacks the NookColor’s high resolution screen.

Did you notice that the 4G model is only $50 more? I find it interesting that Dell can add the extra hardware for only $50, and yet adding 3G to the iPad 2 costs an extra $130. Curious, isn’t it.

via Dell