Dell Streak Coming to the UK in June

Apple has a way with stirring competitive innovation. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. The iPod spawned the Microsoft Zune MP3 player, the iPhone spawned the Google Android and then the Droid, and now the iPad is getting more computer manufacturers into the tablet race.

Earlier this week, Dell announced that they are ready to release their new tablet called the Streak in the UK in June. Dell first showed off the device at CES back in January.

In a video on the device, Kevin Andrew from the Dell Streak development team says that consumers will be able to consume eBooks and music and movies. He does not explain if Dell will have a program for reading eBooks but presumably there will be a Kindle app and perhaps when Google opens up their eBook store in mid June, the Streak will be compatible. It is, like most smart devices, Web enabled.

The 5-inch screen splits the difference between an iPhone and an iPad. The sizing might be awkward for phone calls, the iPhone is already big enough for phone calls and the iPad is nicely sized for rich media consumption. However, the Streak may be better suited for reading an eBook than on the iPhone.

The name and sizing seems to have been in flux over the past couple of months, according to Engadget reports here and here.

Lance Ulanoff of PC World is not a fan of this awkward sizing. In his post, Ulanoff argues that The Streak is not, in fact, a tablet.

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