Demand Media to Produce Content for Hearst Newspapers

BNet is reporting that Demand Media, the online publisher that pays contributors low rates to generate stories and videos based on search trends, has inked a deal with Hearst Newspapers to bring its crop of freshly-farmed content to Hearst’s San Francisco Chronicle and Houston Chronicle.

According to an email between Demand and its contributors obtained by BNet, Demand will be supplying content to’s real estate section and to the Chronicle’s online business section. In an interesting twist, contributors to the Hearst initiative will be paid a “higher fee” and get bylines. Looks like there’s some convergence between the “content-factory” business model and the “real journalism” business model. Don’t get too excited, though, Demand usually pays around $7.50 for a written piece.

CORRECTION: Demand actually pays an average of $15 to $20 per article, although the price of a piece varies according to the kind of work and the level of distribution.

Content farms and user-generated media are all the rage these days for national newspaper publishers; USA Today recently enlisted Demand to round out its travel coverage, and Hearst has added content from Bleacher Report to its papers’ sports sites.

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