Demand Studios Healthcare Update

The aforementioned healthcare plans for Demand Studios creators were originally supposed to have been announced today in detail, but we hear that, as everything in the healthcare world is, things are a bit more complicated.

No matter. DS’ senior director of communications Wadooah Wali tells us that details are coming.

We spoke to SVP of content and editorial Jeremy Reed, who explained that basically the same scale that makes Demand Studios so profitable is the scale that allows the company to offer healthcare plans at a discount. “We can use the power of our numbers to play the role of gobetween, to navigate the waters of health insurance,” he said.

He added: “If you’re fortunate enough to have the scale, you almost have the obligation to do it for your creators.”

We’ll have a look at the plans as soon as they’re made available—cuz, see, lots of people offer discounted healthcare, and we want to see if Demand’s claim is true that these plans are equivalent to ones costing twice as much. That would really be something.

About 40 percent of the company’s 5,000 active writers will be eligible for the plans at launch (you must average 30 articles a month for the last three months), and others are, of course, welcomed to work up to the eligibility requirements.

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