Demibooks Composer Brings Your eBooks to Life

A commenter on yesterday’s post about Book Creator has helpfully pointed me at a competing product.

Demibooks Composer picks up where Book Creator leaves off.

First and foremost, both apps enable you to make eBooks on the iPad. But while Book Creator is designed to build a static eBook from words and images, Composer is intended to make interactive eBook apps. In fact, Demibooks will help you distribute your app for free via the Composer app and you can even upload the app to iTunes.

Composer makes it easy to add animation, sound track, interactive content, and even complex behaviors (via a submenu). No programming experience is required; all the user needs to know is where an object should move and what sound it should make. And becuase Composer is both the creation and the reading app, you can use it to test parts of the app as you go along.

Based on the video below, it doesn’t appear that Composer will be good at handling large bodies of text, and I’d say that it really would work best on just picture books. That’s unfortunate, because children’s picture books overlap with children’s chapter books in terms of content and age groups. Composer is cut off by its design from supporting a lot of the eBooks that children might want to read.

But what Composer may lack in text support, it more than makes up for in interactive content. Watch the video and look at what was done with the Chess book app. While that type of demo is not hard to create on a computer, it’s probably a lot easier to program while using an iPad. And that is doubly true considering that Composer doesn’t require any major programming skills.


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