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Julián Castro, who served as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under former President Barack Obama, accounted for two of the three most-tweeted-about moments during the third round of Democratic presidential candidate debates Thursday night.

The three most-tweeted-about moments during the debate were:

  1. Castro asks former Vice President Joe Biden, “Are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago?”
  2. Biden says parents should “make sure you have the record player on at night”
  3. Castro challenges Biden on the record of the Obama administration

The most-tweeted-about Democratic candidates Thursday night were:

  1. Biden
  2. Entrepreneur Andrew Yang
  3. Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.)
  4. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.)
  5. Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.)
  6. Beto O’Rourke

And the most-tweeted-about U.S. politicians overall were:

  1. President Donald Trump
  2. Biden
  3. Yang
  4. Sanders
  5. Obama
  6. Warren

David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.