Demographics Pro Releases Free HootSuite App For Detailed Follower Analytics

Demographics Pro is now available as a free HootSuite app, offering audience and demo insights directly in your dashboard.

Demographics Pro is basically the Twitter equivalent of Nielsen ratings, analyzing your followers’ gender, age, marital status, income, occupation, race, religion, language, likes and interests, location by country/state/city, and brand affiliation. And now it’s available for free through HootSuite.

Key Demographics Pro for HootSuite features include:

– Access to detailed audience profiles of Twitter followers for accounts managed within HootSuite.

– Ability to profile the Twitter accounts of advocates, partners, and competitors in HootSuite streams.

– Access to demographic profiles of people tweeting any hashtag.

Demographics Pro for HootSuite even works with or without an existing Demographics Pro account, which normally ranges from $29.95-$359.95 per month.

Check it out at

(Paper dolls image via Shutterstock.)