DeNA Launches Mirrativ Screen-Sharing Live-Streaming App

The app allows users to broadcast their device screen to viewers, who can like and comment on streams in real-time.

DeNA has announced the launch of Mirrativ, its live-streaming app for Android devices, which allows users to stream their entire device screen to viewers, or watch live streams and interact with them in real-time.

Mirrativ is currently in beta, with timed beta access periods giving users the chance to test the broadcasting and viewing features of the app. When broadcasting, users will share their entire screen as they interact with games and apps, while the Mirrativ app runs in the background. Users can also add voice commentary or a picture-in-picture shot of their face using their device’s front-facing camera.

Viewers, meanwhile, can post comments and ‘likes’ on streams as they watch, and can also follow users for future reference.


In a statement, Junichi Akagawa, producer at DeNA, commented:

With Mirrativ, we wanted to approach live-streaming in a unique, personal way to create a more streamlined experience for users. Even the name depicts the intimate sharing—or mirroring—of a user’s narrative which, in this case, is their experience on their smartphone or tablet.

For example, a mobile gamer will be able to share tips and tricks for the latest releases with their followers. Users can also seek out personalized shopping advice while searching e-commerce sites. With any of these experiences, viewers will be able to interact with the broadcaster in real-time, sharing comments and stickers to create a conversation and shared experience.

Mirrativ is available to download for free on Google Play, and is coming soon to iOS. Future beta testing periods will be announced within the app, or on the Mirrativ Twitter account.