Departures Editor Allegedly Throws Fit Over New Office

"He's a total diva."

Departures editor in chief Richard David Story was so upset about the size of his new downtown office that he “threw a major hissy fit” and refused to move to the new location along with other Time Inc. titles.

The New York Post source said Story was all set to move to Lower Manhattan, but when he saw his new office, “he didn’t think it was suitable enough for a man of his stature and declined moving downtown.” The source added that Story was a “total diva.” Story ended up getting his way, as his new office has been moved to Time Inc.’s space on West 50th.

Time Inc. chief content officer Norm Pearlstine denied the source’s claims. “The decision for [Departures] to remain [in Midtown] is because we ended up having not as much space as we thought,” Pearlstine told the Post. “Richard is one of the most professional and highly regarded editors I’ve worked with. I’ve never been in a meeting… with any executive of this company where I’ve heard him described as a diva.”

So either these claims are true, or the Post’s source has it out for Story and this rumor is completely false. Somehow, the world will continue to spin. We hope…