Good for NPR, Bad for Domino’s Customers

All things considered, Michael Morain made the right career move.

MichaelMorainTwitterPicA solid sense of humor is advisable today if the chosen or forced profession is newspaper reporting. And evidently, Michael Morain (pictured) has that quality in spades.

A news and arts features reporter at the Des Moines Register since 2006, he’s jumped into the paper’s meet-and-greet grid. His first answer is a winner:

How did you get your start in journalism?

I decided to become a reporter during a brief stint as the worst Domino’s pizza employee Bemidji, Minn., has ever seen. During deliveries, I usually took roundabout detours to hear stories on NPR, which sounded a lot more fun than schlepping pizzas through the snow. My customers never ate anything hot.

Morain goes on to share a fun story about one of his favorite moments as a reporter. It happened at a New York art auction and involved some very intimidating high stakes. Check out some of his recent articles here.

[Photo via: @MichaelMorain]

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