Designers Offer Modern Take on Royal Wedding Commemorative Plates

From left to right, plates designed by Lee Broom and Ben de Lisi. (Courtesy Livingetc)

Despite the best efforts of the Franklin Mint, Americans have never had much of a craving for commemorative plates. We prefer to memorialize iconic events as nature intended, with silk-screened t-shirts. Meanwhile, across the pond, souvenir sellers are stocking up on plates to celebrate the royal wedding, and Livingetc decided to get in on the action. The British shelter magazine has partnered with nine designers—including Jonathan Adler, Lee Broom, Ben de Lisi, Donna Wilson, and Thomas Paul—to create a series of plates for the imminent nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The contemporary takes on royal memorabilia will be auctioned to benefit Shelter, a housing and homelessness charity.

“The UK is steeped in history, but also has very strong street culture,” says Broom, who looked to meld the two influences in his Banksy homage, while de Lisi nodded at the tabloid sensation of it all with “Royal Headline,” a ransom note on porcelain. Adler was more ambivalent: was this a job for quirky subversion or mod celebration? “At first I replaced the ‘A’ in Kate with an anarchy symbol,” says the designer. “But then I realized I am not feeling punk rock about this, I’m just happy.” Adler’s plate is encircled by 20 blue corgis (the queen’s favorite breed). All nine plates will be be available to view here starting Thursday, and e-mail bidding will be open through April 29.

The plate designed by Jonathan Adler and a matched set from Donna Wilson.