Designing and Building Magazine Content for the iPad

All that iPad talk has died down a bit following those months of frenzy ahead of the official announcement in late January. Sure, there’s still tons of it, but it probably hasn’t made your inner ear ring as loudly as before. But if you couldn’t already feel the ground rumbling, it’s about to explode again with the release of Apple‘s new device this Saturday. The magazine industry has been particularly interested in the iPad’s release, seeing it as possibly rescuing them from falling profits, and as such, have released a handful of videos showing themselves off in tablet form. Most notably, you’ve liked watched the demos by Sports Illustrated or Wired‘s slick presentation. However, while we’re sure there out there somewhere, we had yet to see anything about how magazines will go about designing and building all this flashy content. So we were all ears and eyes when it came to this preview video by WoodWing, a company who has developed a plug-in for Adobe‘s InDesign. The example they use is Sports Illustrated. Whether or not they actually helped create what we’d seen demoed before, we’re not sure. But it’s an interesting behind the scenes look at content creation for Apple’s new toy: