Desktop Computers Will Soon Have a Mobile Device Interface Look

The first Microsoft Windows CE based Handheld PCs where introduced during Fall Comdex 1996. Its interface looked like a small version of the Windows 95 desktop interface. This visual interface relationship was maintained in on all of the Pocket PC and Windows Mobile devices. This interface relationship between Windows on the desktop and mobile devices was broken with Windows Phone 7 whose Metro UI was influenced by the Xbox and Zune. The influence tables have, however, now turned.

Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott are providing previews of Microsoft Windows 8 in advance of a public beta and their future book Windows 8 Secrets. They note that Windows 8’s desktop interface displays influence from Windows Phone 7.

Windows 8 Secrets: Welcome Screen

Windows 8 Secrets: Modern Reader

Windows 8 Secrets: Internet Explorer Immersive

Apple appears to be under a similar design influence where their iPhone and iPad interfaces have influenced the look of the upcoming Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). The whole computing world may have a mobile interface look to it very soon.